Film - What is digital social innovation?

Back in October, we spent a half day here at Nesta exploring how we can Make the Most of Digital Social Innovation.

The day began to unpick the massive potential in digital social innovation (DSI) and how we can overcome challenges around how to best support and develop high quality digital social innovations and create the right infrastructures for DSI to happen at scale.

Based on the day, we also developed a short film on what we mean by digital social innovation and what the future looks like, featuring three inspiring projects who shared their experience of DSI with us - Cancer Research UK, Open Knowledge Foundation, OpenCorporates and Smart Citizen Kit.

Jamie Whyte from Trafford Council also wrote this great blog about the event.

If you are interested in learning more, you can find lots of inspiring examples of DSI from across Europe on


Peter Baeck

Peter Baeck

Peter Baeck

Director of the Centre for Collective Intelligence Design

Peter leads work that explores how combining human and machine intelligence can develop innovative solutions to social challenges.

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