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Computing resources for teachers

This week a Nesta and TES survey carried out by YouGov highlighted the perceptions of many teachers that they were not well prepared for the new Computing curriculum, which becomes statutory in schools from September. My colleague Kathleen Stokes explored the findings, and over on the TES blog I argued that teachers need not be apprehensive about the new curriculum.

There is a section of the new curriculum that is very new to many teachers, particularly but not limited to those in Primary. As a supplement to my TES article I've put together a round up of links to resources and support for those new to algorithms, computational thinking and the new aspects of Computer Science in the curriculum.

Please feel free to grow the collection by recommending more resources in the comments below.


Miles Berry - The Computing Curriculum Explained 

Miles Berry was influential in shaping the new curriculum. Here he presents a straightforward and entertaining introduction to all of the key concepts in the new curriculum complete with practical examples of how you might approach teaching them.


Computing at School and NAACE guides to Computing



These guides provide curriculum linked and practical advice in planning, delivering and assessing the new curriculum.


Computing ITT & CPD

A wealth of resources and ideas for turning the Computing curriculum into engaging and exciting lessons, put together by teachers, for teachers. Do not let the unassuming style of this site deceive you, it has a great depth of resources and links.


Code Club Pro

From their great success inspiring primary children in computing through volunteers, Code Club have expanded into offering their expertise in the form of training for primary school teachers.


Barefoot Computing

From the British Computing Society and Computing at School, Barefoot Computing is an initiative to provide free resources and face to face workshops to prepare Primary teachers for teaching the new curriculum.


Mitch Resnick - Learning from Scratch

In this inspiring talk, Mitch Resnick of MIT explores why Computing is important and how it links to the values of play and creativity, with some inspiring examples of children achieving great things in the subject.


Learning Computational Thinking

An article I wrote recently on the background to 'computational thinking' and why it is relevant for young people.


Computer Science Unplugged

Learn a programming language and it could be out of date in a couple of years, many would argue it is the concepts that are most important. This site provides detailed resources and activities to teach the underlying concepts of Computer Science, using pens, paper, and group activities. It covers concepts which in the UK curriculum range from later primary right up to GCSE and A level.


MIT Scratch

A comprehensive and free online tool for achieving some of the programming aspects of the curriculum.


Mozilla Webmaker

A range of tools, resources and events for people young and old getting interested in programming and general making for the web. The tools section would be a great stop for teachers looking for ways of teaching Computing, and the resources for building understanding of how learning in this area works. 


Miles Berry - Assessing Attainment in Computing

Here Miles helpfully unpicks the daunting area of assessment in this new subject.


Make Things Do Stuff

For many young people their lessons in Computing at school will just be a starting point. ‘Make Things Do Stuff’ pulls together a wide variety of inspiring projects on computing and digital making to inspire young people to get creative and take their skills further.


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