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This programme is using the People Powered Results 100 Day Challenge approach to mobilise and support frontline teams across multiple health and care economies to find ways to better manage the rise in demand for elective care.

Wave 1 of the development collaborative supported leaders and frontline teams from Stockport, Frimley, Flyde Coast, and South Somerset through a 100 day challenge to test an emerging framework for elective care which includes:

  • Rethinking referral models to break down barriers between different care settings and ensure that people could access care in the right place, first time
  • Maximising the role of shared decision making and self management support in the elective care pathway
  • Transforming outpatient appointments to better meet patient needs

The collaborative approach stimulated action within and across local systems. Through implementing ideas such as MDT community masterclasses, patient held care plans and records and enhancing advice and guidance between care settings, the teams were able to achieve results such as:

  • Improving the quality referrals and reducing the volume of unnecessary and avoidable referrals; whilst
  • Ensuring those that needed it, got rapid access to support, advice and guidance from clinical teams; and
  • Enabling people to be better informed about managing their condition and journey through the elective care system so that they get the right care, in the right place, at the right time.

We are now embarking on Wave 2 of the development collaborative, building on the learning from this work to date. We’re working with four local areas (Dorset, Lincolnshire, Norfolk and Stockport) who have accepted the challenge to adopt the 100 day approach and elective care framework themes across a number of elective care specialities: dermatology, diabetes and ophthalmology.