About us

We are Nesta The UK's innovation agency for social good.

We design, test and scale new solutions to society’s biggest problems, changing millions of lives for the better.

Our strategy

Our ambitious 10-year strategy aligns our efforts behind three innovation missions working to promote a fairer start, a healthy life, and a sustainable future.

Equity, diversity and inclusion at Nesta

We want to advance equity, diversity and inclusion in every dimension of what we do and hold ourselves accountable for the results.

Our people

We're passionate about what we do. Find out more about the people behind our work.

Our specialist enterprises

We have a strong track record of incubating and growing new organisations that go on to form a crucial part of the innovation ecosystem. Several enterprises we've helped build still play an integral role as part of the wider Nesta family.

Where we work

Our work is primarily UK-based and we have offices in London, Edinburgh and Cardiff. Through our networks and specialist enterprises we also work closely with partners around the world.

Our history

Today’s Nesta is very different from the organisation that launched back in 1998.

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