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As well as working in partnership to tackle the big challenges in our identified priority fields (health, education, government innovation, the creative economy & culture, and innovation policy), we draw on our knowledge and experience to help make innovation happen in teams, organisations and societies - offering access to advice, research and analytics, project design and delivery, and innovation skills development.

To make change happen we use a range of approaches for working with our partners, from co-funding, joint initiatives and ventures, through to fee-for service engagements.

We collaborate with a wide range of partners from governments and businesses to charities and foundations. When deciding who to work with, we look at how the partnership can help us achieve our charitable objectives. We also look for a good mix of enthusiasm and common purpose from the people behind the organisations we partner with.

We are always keen to explore how we can help our partners make innovation happen in their own teams, organisations and societies.

We have developed a network of units within Nesta to act as centres of expertise for particular innovation methods. When approaching new challenges we can draw on specialist help from the following:

Nesta Challenges supports organisations in using challenge-driven innovation to stimulate ideas from new sources and find solutions to difficult challenges.

The Alliance for Useful Evidence at Nesta champions and supports the use of ‘what works’ evidence in decision-making for the public and charity sector.

The Innovation Skills Team helps people around the world become better innovators for the common good by providing learning materials, experiences, support and advice.

People Powered Results is an innovation method that empowers frontline delivery service staff and creates a person-centred, bottom-up approach to rapidly changing public services.

IGL promotes rigorous experimental research methods in economic policy development. It supports, undertakes and disseminates high-impact research, testing ways to make our economies more innovative and entrepreneurial.

Readie, the research alliance for the digital economy, is a one-stop-shop resource for policymakers to learn about Europe’s innovative digital initiatives.

The Global Innovation Policy Accelerator (GIPA) runs executive development programmes for senior innovation policymakers across the world, to help officials and civil servants design better innovation policy.

Nesta Impact Investments (NII) is a leading impact investment fund management organisation. Regulated by the FCA, NII has almost 20 years’ experience of supporting innovative businesses developing scaled solutions to social challenges. It has a portfolio of ventures across education, health and ageing and sustainable communities - backing innovative approaches that combine social and financial returns.

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