Our broad suite of experience and expertise means we can bring a novel perspective, harnessing the collective power of diverse disciplines. It’s rarely a quick fix: our approach requires a deep understanding of the problem at hand, and we relentlessly prototype and discard potential ideas before we light on the ones that work. But by thinking differently and borrowing ideas from diverse fields, we aim to continually push the boundaries of what’s possible, and drive big and meaningful change.

What we offer

Our data analytics practice uses state-of-the-art data engineering, machine learning and visualisation methods to scope problems, make recommendations and predict outcomes. For example, our Open Jobs programme is mapping possible new careers for people affected by automation, and giving policymakers and educators the tools to meet changes in demand for specific skills.

Our Centre for Collective Intelligence Design helps Nesta and other organisations find new insights and innovative solutions to complex problems by bringing together human and machine intelligence. For example we’ve blended novel data, AI and participatory methods to help teams from the UN Development Programme in over 60 countries develop more inclusive ways of tackling their sustainable development goals.

Our evidence and experimentation practice helps Nesta and others understand not just what works, but when, how and why. Again we can bring a variety of techniques to bear on solving an innovation problem, from theories of change and evidence gap maps to randomised controlled trials. Our groundbreaking work on Standards of Evidence offers a robust framework for understanding whether an innovation is working.

Our arts practice drives innovation by harnessing the power of creativity to understand social problems and design solutions. It also uses the arts to support Nesta’s mission goals by influencing attitudes and behaviours in wider society.

Our design and technology practice designs, builds and tests solutions that meet people’s needs. We make products, services and processes more usable and likely to succeed by engaging people in their design and development.

Our specialist enterprises can help with your own innovation challenges. They include Challenge Works, Innovation Growth Lab, People Powered Results and the Behavioural Insights Team.