Director of Innovation Skills

Stephen Bradley


Innovation Lab

Join Date

February 2012

What I do

Stephen was the Director of Innovation Skills and led Nesta's first initiative focused on producing learning materials, courses and digital services.


Stephen was at Nesta from February 2012 to April 2013.
Prior to joining, Stephen was based in Boston as VP Publishing and Marketing for Elsevier's media technology and computing book portfolio, having previously been VP Learning Solutions on Elsevier's market-leading medical reference and textbook programme here in London.
Stephen spent seven years at the UK Open University and working with the BBC in leading development of CPD and undergraduate courses for teachers, linguists and programmers. Stephen led delivery of OpenLearn, the OU's contribution to the global open courseware movement.
Stephen holds a first class degree from Oxford University, an M.St. (Master of Studies) and an MA, and is a qualified teacher.
Last week I was lucky to be invited to join a conference on skills development for the voluntary sector (Our People. Our Skills. Our Future.) at the CBI Centre here in London.
Stephen Bradley
Monday, 26 November 2012