Principal Researcher - Public and Social Innovation

Peter Baeck


Policy and Research

Join Date

June 2012

What I do

Peter focuses on social innovation and innovation in public services. He is currently co-leading a large EU funded research project on digital social innovation.

Alongside this Peter has worked on much of Nesta's research into crowdfunding as an innovative way of financing products and services in the UK, and has co-authored the reports Crowdingin and Working the Crowd, and worked on the development of the online crowdfunding directory,   

Peter has also delivered research and project management for People Powered Health (PPH) - a one year Nesta programme that, through a partnership with six UK health localities, explored how coproduction for people living with long term health conditions, can be taken to scale within health services. A particular focus of PPH is capturing evidence on the impact on patient outcomes and cost of health services by coproduced solutions. 


Prior to joining Nesta Peter worked for Innovation Unit, a social enterprise that designs, delivers and evaluates public sector and social innovation programmes.
Peter co-authored the Radical Efficiency (2010) research paper which identified international examples of public sector innovations that deliver better quality outcomes for lower costs. He also helped design the service blueprint for a new joined up service for reoffending drug addicts that involve users in the design and delivery of the service, for a London local authority.
Peter holds a M.Sc in Politics and Public Administration from Aalborg University in Denmark.
The massive growth in online platforms connecting retail investors to a variety of different investment opportunities, each offering different levels of risk and return, has the potential to help people take a much more active role in how their money is managed.
Liam Collins
Peter Baeck
Tuesday, 14 July 2015