Policy Advisor

Liam Collins


Policy and Research

Join Date

May 2010

What I do

Liam is a Policy Advisor in Nesta’s Policy and Research team.

Liam’s work focuses on innovation and economic growth with a particular emphasis on finance for innovation and innovative start-ups. Areas Liam’s research has touched on include venture capital, innovative models of finance such as crowdfunding and peer-to-peer. Other research interests include start-up policy and foreign direct investment and innovation.


Prior to joining Nesta Liam worked as a quantitative researcher and lecturer at the University of Bath. He holds a BComm(Hons) and a M(EconSc) from University College Cork.
In his spare time Liam enjoys squash, cycling and amateur brewing. And he almost made the Irish maths Olympics team when younger…almost.
Modern crowdfunding has received many plaudits for how it has taken an age old way of raising funds online and made it easier and more cost-effective to reach large numbers of potential backers. However, crowdfunding can add value in other ways too. This the second of two blogs on this topic (read the first blog here).
Peter Baeck
Liam Collins
Tuesday, 2 July 2013