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Helen Goulden


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July 2010

What I do

Helen is Executive Director in Nesta’s Innovation Lab, where she oversees the design and delivery of programmes to test new models for supporting and scaling social and environmental innovation with a particular focus on digital and open innovation.

This work includes the Centre for Challenge Prizes, Creative Economy, Digital Education and our work to increase charitable giving.
Helen joined Nesta in April 2009. Since then she has led a portfolio of programmes including on methods for diffusing community led approaches to tackling climate change, the use of collaborative digital technologies in public services and supporting local authorities to develop and implement innovation strategies and capabilities. Most recently, Helen led the design and delivery of the Cabinet Office's £10m Innovation in Giving Fund


Before joining Nesta, Helen worked in the private sector developing digital strategies and solutions for global corporate clients. She spent five years consulting in the Cabinet Office, Office of the Deputy Prime Minister and Communities and Local Government developing national innovation programmes for local government and leading research and product development for interactive television services. 
Helen has a particular interest in sustainability, the future of food, agro-forestry and holds an MSc in Responsibility & Business Practice.
Making Sense of the UK Collaborative Economy

Making Sense of the UK Collaborative Economy

Through the rise of open data and mass participation in platforms that share location, identity and inventory, we are creating a social and technological infrastructure that could considerably strengthen our ability to respond to unpredictable events.
Helen Goulden
Wednesday, 7 May 2014