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Hasan Bakhshi


Policy and Research

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October 2006

What I do

Hasan leads Nesta's creative and digital economy policy and research. 

His recent work includes co-authoring the Next Gen skills review of the video games and visual effects industries, which has led to wholesale reforms of the school ICT and computing curriculum in England, and the Manifesto for the Creative Economy, which sets out ten recommendations by which governments can help the creative economy grow.
Hasan has a particular interest in data and experimental research methods: in 2010, he designed and piloted in Manchester Creative Credits, a business support scheme structured as a randomised controlled trial; in 2011, he devised the Digital R&D Fund for the Arts which has been piloted in England, Scotland and Wales, and rolled out in a three-year partnership with Arts Council England and the Arts and Humanities Research Council.


Prior to Nesta, Hasan worked as Executive Director and Senior International Economist at Lehman Brothers, and as Deputy Chief Economist at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.
He has eight years’ experience as an economist at the Bank of England. Hasan has published widely in academic journals and policy publications on topics ranging from technological progress and economic growth to the economics of the creative and cultural sector.
He has also consulted for a number of organisations, including the European Commission, Film London and the British Film Institute. 
Hasan has a BA in Economics from Cambridge and an MPhil in Economics from the University of Oxford. He is also Research Fellow at the ARC Centre for Excellence for Creative Industries and Innovation at the Queensland University of Technology, and in 2013 was awarded an honorary Doctorate from the University of Brighton for his work on economic policy for the creative industries. 
Hasan is a founding member of the government’s Creative Industries Council. Outside economics (and friends and family!), Hasan’s passions are cinema and flamenco. 


Is data science work creative? Many wouldn't agree. Our new report, Model Workers, suggests that this view is misguided. Data science is a creative job, and this has implications for management, education and policy. We make our case in two blog posts. First, we score data science work against a set of criteria developed to identify creative occupations in the economy.
Hasan Bakhshi
Juan Mateos-Garcia
Thursday, 17 July 2014
A simple enough question you might think, but one that turns out to be very tough to answer. Theory doesn’t help much. On the one hand, live broadcasts might increase local theatre attendances insofar as the broadcasts serve to promote live shows at theatres. But on the other hand, they might ‘cannibalise’ theatre attendances if the live broadcasts are so good in the eyes of the theatre-going public as to substitute for local theatre.
Hasan Bakhshi
Andrew Whitby
Wednesday, 25 June 2014