Alex Glennie


Policy and Research

Join Date

January 2015

What I do

Alex is a Principal Researcher in the International Innovation team, which examines new global trends and practices in innovation around the world. The team aims to build resources and networks for innovation that will help the UK to flourish in a rapidly changing global economy. 

Over the past year her work has focused on a comparative international study of the role played by government innovation agencies in stimulating business innovation and economic growth. She is currently thinking about innovation and international development, and is particularly interested in applying this to the context of the challenges facing refugees.


Prior to Nesta, Alex was a Senior Research Fellow at the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR), leading projects across a range of international issues including migration, globalisation, European reform and development policy.

Alex has also worked for the Institute for Strategic Dialogue, managing a research programme on international security, integration and diversity.

Outside of work, she is a volunteer grants panellist for the homeless charity Crisis, and is currently in training to become a professional and personal development coach. Alex holds an MA in International Studies and Diplomacy from the School of Oriental and African Studies, and a BA in International History from the London School of Economics.