Guest blogger

Headshot of Tamara Baleanu

What I do

Tamara is the Programme Development Manager at The Access Project, working to improve the model and delivery of TAP’s university access programme.


For the last two years, Tamara has been wearing two different hats at The Access Project, combining frontline delivery in a London school with developing Monitoring and Evaluation systems across the organisation.

Tamara’s background is in Sociology, having earned a Master’s in the discipline and having worked in social research in Romania and the UK. Her passion for education is rooted in her own experiences of studying across continents and countries.

From 2007 to 2013, she worked closely with an educational charity promoting expeditionary learning methods in schools across Central and Eastern Europe.

As a youth trainer and facilitator, she organised international summer schools for young people of mixed backgrounds and witnessed first hand the difference that personalized support makes in raising students’ aspirations and achievement.