Guest blogger

Paul Maltby

What I do

As Director of Open Data and Government Innovation, Paul leads teams in the Government Innovation Group responsible for Open Data, Open Policy Making, and Analysis and Insight. He oversees the Cabinet Office interest in the spin out of the Behavioural Insights team - known as the ‘Nudge Unit’ - as it moves towards joining with a commercial partner and becomes the first policy unit to be spun out of Whitehall as a mutual.


Paul was formerly Director of Open Data and Transparency in the Cabinet Office, which works to release government data that can be freely accessed by citizens and businesses to help drive the next generation of data-led economic growth, strengthen government accountability and improve public services.

Prior to this Paul was seconded to Leicestershire County Council where he worked on schools reform and a programme for commissioning services across different local public bodies. He used to be a Director of Strategy in the Home Office and began his time in government in the Prime Minister’s Strategy Unit.

But what are the concepts and tools for government development that will be seen as the new normal by 2020-25, and what should policy makers be doing now to get up to speed?
Paul Maltby
Wednesday, 18 March 2015