Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship, Strategy and Innovation, ‎Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile

Michael Leatherbee
Guest Author

What I do

Michael leverages more than a decade of practical entrepreneurship experience to inspire his research agenda. During his doctoral studies at Stanford University, he specialised in the phenomena underlying innovations and developed the skills to design experiments to identify the causal effects of policies aimed at influencing value creation. He is particularly interested in uncovering the antecedents of innovation and identifying ways to drive them. 

Michael is the Academic Director of EPIC Lab (Evidence-based Innovation Policy Research Lab) and AUKAN, the innovation management-consulting arm of the School of Engineering at Universidad Católica de Chile. He also sits on the Advisory Board of Start-Up Chile and the Chile-California Council.

For many, the main appeal of self-employment is being your own boss. The freedom to decide how to reach your goals, without working under a watchful eye supervising every move, is certainly an enticing prospect. After all, isn't professional independence demonstrated by not having to report to others about what one is doing?
Michael Leatherbee
Wednesday, 20 September 2017