Senior Programme Manager

Lydia Ragoonanan



Join Date

October 2013

What I do

Lydia was a Senior Programme Manager within Nesta's Innovation Lab.  She developed and managed a range of practical innovation programmes.
She worked on a range of social action funds, that explored how social action can best address some of the UK's largest challenges alongside professional and other skilled service provision. 
Lydia's previous work at Nesta includes managing Rethinking Parks and Cities of Service UK programmes and being a coach within the People Powered Results health team.


Before joining Nesta, Lydia was Principal Strategist for the New Zealand Transport Agency. Other roles throughout her career include Internal Auditor for the former airport operator BAA, Private Secretary at the Department for Education and Skills in UK, Manager of the Leaders' Office in a local authority and Senior Policy Analyst in the Schools Funding team at the Ministry of Education in New Zealand.
Lydia is a keen cook, occasional runner, lover of the great outdoors, parent Governor and devoted Mum to her daughter, Oona.
The Heritage Lottery's State of UK Park report warns that our much loved public parks are on a precipice. Through hard work, innovation and collaboration we can ensure these vital assets continue to be celebrated.
Lydia Ragoonanan
Thursday, 26 June 2014