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March 2014


Guest blogger Kippy Joseph is Associate Director for Innovation at the Rockefeller Foundation. 

The foundation focuses on an integrated approach of grant-making and internal capability-building. The current strategy focuses on supporting enabling environments for innovation in development contexts, including methods and infrastructure for social innovation. Domestically (in the US) the portfolio focuses primarily on the development and appropriate testing of the social impact bond concept. 

Prior to her current position, Kippy worked at the UK's Young Foundation, which focuses broadly on social innovation by conducting research, consultancy and incubation. She led the education portfolio, capitalizing an education innovation fund and developing a new network of small innovative schools across the UK. Having started her career in the US, she has also directed several New York City youth programmes in partnership with under-served local communities and public schools. 

Kippy is a trained facilitator of large and small groups, and has consulted to NGOs and foundations on strategy and program development. She holds a Masters Degrees in Social and Organizational Psychology from Columbia University and in Systemic Management and Consultation from the University of London. She earned her BA in Public Policy and Education at Brown University. 

She lives with her family in Brooklyn, NY.

Innovation is a major driving force in both global economic growth and development. But while commercial companies were seeing innovation as critical to their bottom line – innovate or die – actors focused on development for the poorest or most vulnerable weren’t as able to see the direct line from investment in innovation to impact.
Kippy Joseph
Wednesday, 26 March 2014