Data Developer, Innovation Mapping

Joel Klinger


Research, Analysis and Policy

Join Date

August 2017

What I do

Joel is a Data Developer in the Innovation Mapping Team, which researches the geography of innovation by drawing together new data sources and state-of-the-art data visualisation. 

Joel is developing a robust and secure data collection system for mapping innovation in the UAE, which builds on the team's previous work on Arloesiadur. He is also working with the team to develop a robust model for data analysis and visualisation. He is also working with the team to develop a robust model for data analysis and visualisation to be applied in new projects such as the H2020 EURITO project to map innovation in Europe, starting in January 2018.


Joel completed a PhD in Particle Physics at the University of Manchester and CERN, Switzerland, before undertaking two postdoctoral research positions in Sheffield and Padova, Italy. More recently, he worked as a Data Scientist for the Department for Communities and Local Government, where he researched areas such as the economic impacts of funding cuts to local government and the efficacy of the troubled families program. The common thread between his work has been using computational methods to get the most of out of data for the benefit of society.

In his spare time, Joel enjoys rock-climbing, language learning, and running. He hit the peak of his running career a few years ago, by completing a 100 km run from Manchester to Sheffield, although nowadays he says that he'll settle for a run around the block!