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Joe Micheli is currently the Stronger Barnsley Locality Manager in Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council, leading the development of the Council’s Area Arrangements, volunteering and community engagement programmes as well as the Cities of Service work in Barnsley.


Joe has worked for Barnsley Council for the last 15 years in a variety of Policy Development roles relating to the building of strong and resilient communities.

He previously led the development of Barnsley’s Neighbourhood Renewal Strategy including two national award winning Neighbourhood Management programmes. And he has been a key player in the region and nationally, leading the development of the Champions of Participation Network in the region and with previous involvement on the National Executives of Communities Matters, Urban Forum and the Yorkshire & Humber Community Empowerment Network.

Prior to his time at Barnsley, Joe worked for the City of York Council as a Neighbourhood Manager, pioneering participatory budgeting arrangements and the development of the country’s first Neighbourhood Agreement, encouraging coproduction between public services and citizens to address local priorities.

Joe also worked in the Voluntary Sector in Barnsley as a patch based Community Development Worker in Athersley in the 90s.

His hobbies include still just about playing football, rock music and his family. He volunteers as the Coach of his son’s Under 13s Junior Football Team.

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