Geraldine Bedell

What I do

Geraldine is the Co-founder and CEO of Family Innovation Zone. She is the author of the Mothers of Innovation research report.


A journalist, author and broadcaster, she edited The New Old Age for Nesta and wrote the bestselling Make Poverty History Handbook. A former writer and critic for the Observer and, before that, columnist for the Independent on Sunday, she and has authored several documentaries for Radio 4, including What Is A Wife?

She was the founding editor of Gransnet, the social networking website for Britain’s 14 million grandparents, and is currently working on a project to deliver information to parents via schools, Parent Info.

Think of an innovator and what springs to mind? Probably a man. But an upcoming report features interviews with 28 outstanding mother-innovators from around the world.
Geraldine Bedell
Friday, 30 May 2014