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Paul Grimshaw is a research fellow with Y Lab, the Public Services Innovation Lab for Wales, created by Cardiff University and Nesta in 2015. His role is to help build the research profile of Y Lab though helping to co-ordinate and develop research outputs from the co-production programmes and activities with Nesta and public participants.


Paul worked in the software industry for many years before undertaking studies in health technology innovation and programme management. His recent background is in the study, development and practice of networks and relationships between different disciplines, with a particular focus on the nexus between services, technology and universities. He previously worked at the University of Leeds across the business school, and faculties of  biology, engineering and health. His publication interests are varied and he has published in innovation, technology and design journals and books.

Evaluating Innovate to Save presents a perfect opportunity to both research and evaluate how the programme works and how it compares with other publicly funded innovation programmes.
Image of Paul
Thursday, 11 May 2017