Join Date

March 2014


Briony works at the Open Data Institute where she is responsible for the Open Data Challenge Series, a collaborative project run in partnership with Nesta. 

Briony originally qualified with a genetics degree from Nottingham University before starting her career as a member of the inaugural cohort of the Teach First programme working as a science teacher at Quintin Kynaston School in North London.

Two years later, Briony made the difficult decision to move out of the classroom and into the corporate world, thereby following the original premise of the Teach First programme. At Deloitte, she managed an administrative support function for the Consultancy Service Line and later in Australia she worked as PA to the CIO and as a Web Producer at the global construction company Lend Lease.

More recently, Briony spent five years working as part of the leadership team at the Teach First head office. As Associate Director Networks and Communities, she was responsible for the engagement and mobilisation of a community of 2,000 alumni. In this role, Briony managed a small team of specialists covering membership, engagement, events and knowledge management of the community. The team delivered a complex programme of support to build knowledge of the alumni community (data management and analysis), connect them to one another (through large scale events and an online community) and inspire them to remain active advocates for the Teach First mission.

Since leaving Teach First in March 2013, Briony has embarked on a learning journey to help inform her next career move. Affectionately known as ‘job shopping,’ she has carried out consultancy work (primarily for Whole Education, ODI and Future First) and some voluntary work for small entrepreneurial ventures. Since January 2014 Briony has worked four days per week with the Open Data Institute and spends the fifth day 'job shopping' and exploring setting up a startup of her own.