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Brian Bracher

What I do

Brian Bracher is currently the Chief Service Officer for Portsmouth City Council, leading the implementation of the Cities of Service programme.


Brian completed 30 years policing service with Sussex Police in July 2014, where he enjoyed a diverse and rewarding career rising to the rank of Superintendent. His final role was as the Airport Police Commander at Gatwick. As well as many police operational responsibilities, he led on tackling human trafficking and was the force champion for asylum seekers and refugees across Sussex. 

Brian's previous roles include being the Arun District Commander, where he has a key role in the development of the ‘Expanding Communities’ project. Working with Council Voluntary Associations (CVA) and the District Council, the project supported the growing central European community, who were receiving very poor support locally and nationally. The project obtained national funding and received significant national and EU recognition. 

Brian is a Chartered Manager and Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute. 

Brian's hobbies include photography, collecting vintage cameras and reading.

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