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Arnaud Sahuguet

What I do

Dr Arnaud Sahuguet is Chief Technology Officer at GovLab.


Dr. Sahuguet has a passion to invent and build products that leverage technology to solve meaningful problems and have a large social impact. His goal is to empower people and organisations to be more productive and collaborative through innovation.

Before joining GovLab as Chief Technology Officer, Arnaud spent eight years at Google as a product manager for speech recognition and Google Maps; he founded and launched the OneToday mobile fundraising platform for Google; he also worked on child protection and civic innovation.

Before Google, he spent five years at Bell Labs research as member of technical staff working on standardisation and identity management.

Arnaud holds a PhD in Computer Science from University of Pennsylvania, a MSc from Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées and a BSc from Ecole Polytechnique in France.

In this month’s edition #Tech4Labs, Digital tools for participatory democracy, Arnaud Sahuget CTO of GovLab, presents some of the best participatory platforms for civic innovators, particularly government innovation teams and labs, looking for more decentralised, open ways of working.
Arnaud Sahuguet
Wednesday, 25 February 2015
When an online tool is being used by legislators, academics and government workers alike you know you need to pay attention. GovLab’s Arnaud Sahuguet reports on the usefulness of GitHub for civic innovators in issue #2 of our Tech4Labs column.
Arnaud Sahuguet
Thursday, 22 January 2015
In the first issue of this column, Arnaud Sahuguet, CTO of NYU's GovLab, details some of the best technology tools and their potential uses for labs, and turns to the lab community to identify where Tech4Labs tools are needed most.
Arnaud Sahuguet
Friday, 12 December 2014