Fellow for Aberdeen City Council, Open Data Scotland programme

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June 2014

What I do

Andrew is the fellow for Aberdeen City Council, for our Open Data Scotland programme.


After graduating in Computing Science from Aberdeen University in 1994 Andrew joined the North of Scotland's first ISP as an early web developer before moving on to develop web and desktop applications (as we called them back then) in the Health & Safety sector. In 2001 he joined a vehicle tracking startup to work on back and front end development, with GIS being a key factor. The GIS focus continued with involvement in a massive GIS data migration project for a well-known British telecoms company.

On being made redundant in 2010, he bought an iPad on his last day of work and became a freelance iOS and Android app developer. The 'claim to fame' highlight of his apps creations was development of the global chart-topping, million plus downloads StarComposer music iOS app. In addition to the mobile apps he has also developed several Ruby on Rails-based web apps for a wide range of clients.

In recent years he has also been involved with a London-based charity providing technical advice to disadvantaged young people setting up businesses. This led to demoing some apps at 10 Downing Street - possibly the first time a demo put together late the night before actually worked! 

Andrew says "having been involved with the internet for 20 years I have a passion for finding new things it can be used for. Being able to connect on the move, mostly at reasonable speeds, still amazes me given the dial up 28.8 kilobits-per-second modem plugged into my Amiga that I started out with. This 'always on' availability mixed with the unimaginable amount and range of data out there still makes me feel we are as much at the new frontier now as I was back in 1994".