Guest Blogger

Amy Cooper

What I do

Amy is Nesta's Challenge Champion for the Food Open Data Challenge.


Amy is a facilitator, designer, photographer and adventurer. She has been working on food projects which focus on helping people shift to a healthier and happier diet for the last five years. She works in her community, building and managing urban food growing sites and running a cooking club.

Amy is founder and Creative Director of Secret Seed Society, giving kids and their families the tools for adventures with vegetables.

On Wednesday 3 September, over 70 budding participants came together to find out how they could be in the running to win a £40,000 prize and the opportunity to be part of the Food Open Data Challenge run by Nesta and the Open Data Institute. This blog is a reminder for all those who attended, and a log of the vital information for all those who would have loved to be there.
Amy Cooper
Friday, 12 September 2014