Kate is a Programme Manager for People Powered Results in Nesta's Health Lab.

Since joining the team in February 2019, Kate has worked on the Lincolnshire Frailty 100 Day Challenge as well as programmes with NHS England’s Personalised Care Group. Internally, she supports the team to capture their impact and share their stories.

Kate brings a range of experience in different health and care settings, with a particular focus on improving access to services. She has focused on both sexual and reproductive health, as well as working with young people, through frontline programme delivery, grant management and international programme management. She also continues to use skills developed as an English language teacher in the UK and Colombia and facilitating workshops in different community settings in her current role at Nesta.

She’s particularly proud of leading work to introduce the Time to Change mental health campaign internally in her last organisation.

Kate currently volunteers with her local Mutual Aid group, supporting people in her neighbourhood who need help during the Covid-19 pandemic. Outside of pandemics, you can find her wandering around London, getting geeky about local history and old buildings.