Charlene is a Programme Manager for People Powered Results in Nesta's Health Lab.

Charlene joined the PPR team in November 2019 bringing with her a background in Public Health and a keen interest in projects that use social marketing techniques and behavioural insights to drive health improvement and reduce health inequalities.

Since joining Nesta, Charlene has worked on the HARP (Health, Arts, Research, People) programme. HARP is an innovation and research partnership between Arts Council of Wales and Y Lab (Cardiff University & Nesta), exploring how we can generate, grow and learn about impactful creative innovations that support the health and wellbeing of the people of Wales. Currently, Charlene is leading the ‘Seed’ (research and development) strand of the HARP programme where we are building small teams of people working in arts and/or health to design and test new creative activities that meet key health system challenges.

Prior to Nesta, Charlene worked with a tech startup supporting organisations across the UK to use assistive digital technology to transform the lives of people who are autistic, have mental health problems, learning disabilities and/or acquired brain injury. She also brings experience of brand development, communications and marketing having led the creation of a youth-focused brand for a National Lottery funded mental health research programme in London.

Documentaries, paddleboarding and playing tennis keep Charlene busy outside of work. And she is looking forward to continuing her culinary adventures through London’s restaurant scene when it is COVID safe to do so again!