Anna is a Data Scientist within Nesta Wales.

Prior to Nesta, Anna worked as a Data Mentor providing Level-4 Data Analyst Apprenticeship for Vodafone learners. She loves thinking big and small, and bouncing off ideas with people of different backgrounds. Her passion and background are in human cognition, having conducted research using different approaches to disentangle the mystery of learning and attention, most notably using behavioural experiments and connectionist models (aka neural network). Since her academic life she has re-fashioned herself as a Data Scientist - embracing the challenges of working with diverse data, and of thinking creatively and scientifically.

Anna is a people person and her ability to talk to anyone is her superpower. She has trouble remembering names and faces sometimes but that’s completely unintentional!

Some unusual things she has done are stained glass design, writing poems for children, and interior design for hotels.