Alice is here to make sure colleagues know what’s going on and how we can support the delivery of our ambitious goals.

I’ve always been very passionate about the people and places I've worked for, and been fortunate to work in creative environments where new ideas come up every minute. Finding the 'doers' is the challenge when engagement comes and goes at the same pace! I certainly have an enthusiastic, optimistic and spontaneous nature that works well with these environments and although I'm never short of ideas, I love getting things done. Definitely not a "corporate" internal comms manager, I'm expressive and bring humour and kindness to the team.

Before Nesta, I worked at Wellcome Trust for 3 years on a variety of digital engagement projects with a particular focus on the intranet, internal stakeholders, staff networks and EDI. Back in the mists of time I worked at Penguin Random House. My book shelves have never recovered.