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Adriana is an EU project manager for the EC Horizon2020 EngineRoom project, part of the European Commission's Next Generation Internet initiative. Her work includes different tasks from project management to research and policy analysis. She is interested in issues around internet governance and the internet’s environmental impact, circular economy and international development. You can find Adriana on Twitter.

Adriana holds a bachelor’s degree in International Relations with Economics from Westminster University as well as a MSc in European Public Policy from University College London. She is originally from Tenerife, Spain. Before joining Nesta, Adriana worked as a research manager at a public policy consultancy firm in Brussels, contributing to a wide range of policy studies such as evaluation and impacts assessments, consumer behavioural studies, monitoring and implementation projects. Her tasks and expertise include data collection (such as desk research, interviews and surveys), as well as data analysis (both qualitative and quantitative), through to the reporting of analysis and conclusions.