How we can help you run a prize
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Nesta Challenges services: A hub of expertise

Nesta Challenges exists to design and run challenge prizes that help solve pressing problems that lack solutions. We shine a spotlight where it matters and incentivise people to solve these issues. We are independent, supporters of change to help communities thrive and inspire the best placed, most diverse groups of people around the world to take action. We support the boldest and bravest ideas to become real, and seed long term change to advance society and build a better future for everyone..

Challenge prize meeting

We can help you solve a problem with our methodology.

Our work falls within several keys areas

  • global health
  • cities
  • energy and environment
  • disability
  • health and ageing
  • governments and innovation
  • international development
  • disruptive tech
  • education and skills

But our holistic approach also recognises that problems are often multidisciplinary and affect various different sectors, so we are not exclusive to these.

We can research the problem and find the best way forward


  1. Create breakthrough innovations

Prizes incentivise new thinking and reward the best breakthrough solutions, wherever they come from, however they work

  1. Help Innovators thrive

Prizes support and cultivate innovators by providing funding, expertise, profile-raising, investment and by building networks

  1. Unlock systemic change

Prizes shape context by raising awareness, inform policy and shape the future of markets and technologies