Growth Marketer (Beam)
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Beam was launched in 2017 by an experienced entrepreneur who previously raised investment from the investors of Facebook, Slack and Deliveroo to grow businesses in the sharing economy space.

Supported by some of the UK's leading tech entrepreneurs, Beam has already crowdfunded £400,000+ from thousands of campaign supporters, won the endorsement of the Mayor of London and been awarded Europe's Best Tech for Good.

We are now looking for a hands-on and experienced growth marketer to own our supporter acquisition funnel.

We have a passionate group of supporters, who have come so far from PR and word of mouth. We’ve done some initial experiments with Facebook, but have yet to scratch the surface of what could be done and the community that can be grown.

Your initial focus will be on testing different channels and learning what works best - touching everything including paid and organic, digital and offline, quick wins and longshots.

You’ll define our long-term growth strategy.

Our purpose at Beam is to create a society where anyone can achieve their potential. To do this we’ll need to enable hundreds of thousands and then millions of people to support the homeless people using Beam.

How do we establish a growth strategy to make this happen? You’ll define how we can drive this forward by developing our growth strategy from the ground up.

You’ll have experience of growth marketing for fast-growing consumer start-ups. We are looking for someone who is hands-on in trying new ideas out, as comfortable working with data as building landing pages, albeit with no-code solutions.

You’ll report directly to the founder and CEO.