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The Justice Syndicate (c) Danilo Moroni

Who is behind this experiment?

What is the experiment?

This experiment will test whether combining playable theatre with technology and neuroscience can build young people’s capacity to understand multiple perspectives, think collectively and civilly disagree. Working with secondary school students in the North East, the experiment will use digital storytelling to create an experiential learning intervention. Students will engage in depth with characters in a story and then reflect on their reactions. This experiment will generate insights on how skills of perspective taking, critical reasoning and metacognition (‘thinking about thinking’) feed into constructive group deliberation and collective intelligence.

Why is it relevant?

On issues such as Brexit, welfare or immigration society is divided on what needs to be done as well as how to achieve it. But finding solutions requires ideas to be accepted across opinion boundaries. Achieving this demands better insights into how collective reasoning and perspective-taking can be fostered in a real-world context.

How might the findings help people better design collective intelligence?

This experiment will help us better understand the role skills such as empathy and metacognition play in group intelligence and collective decision-making. The findings could be relevant for deliberative platforms, companies, social movements and policy makers.

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