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Who are we investing in?

London charity Autograph ABP runs a photography gallery and education centre at its base in Shoreditch, focused on cultural identity, race, representation and human rights. It is a leading authority in the development of underrepresented visual identities of ethnic and cultural minorities.

Autograph ABP’s exhibitions draw on original research and reach diverse audiences, many of whom are young people, first time attendees and people from minority ethnic backgrounds.

What are we investing in?

Autograph ABP is using our investment to set up a new image licensing business, Autograph Media, specialising in race and cultural diversity.

Arts Impact Fund has provided £150,000 to cover start-up and running costs until the venture becomes financially self-sustaining.

The charity has found an exciting route to financial resilience in leveraging profits from its own, and additional, intellectual property to cross-subsidise its artistic and social mission. With remuneration for photographers and image copyright owners on the higher end of the industry’s average,Autograph Media will also help to develop a fairer licensing market.

Over the course of the investment Autograph ABP will work to grow its live audiences and develop new ways of engaging with people using digital and social media platforms.

Read the full case study on Autograph Media on the Arts Impact Fund website.



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