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Predicting the future: results from FutureFest

How do you create an infographic futuristic enough to be featured at FutureFest?

For this year's FutureFest Signal Noise designed and built an interactive infographic to make festival attendees part of an ever-growing data set.

The infographic, displayed in the main entrance hall of the festival, featured a series of questions with multiple choice answers which the users selected on an iPad. As they interacted with the questions, a digital string swung between each possible answer and when an answer was chosen it joined up to create an answer path, specific to each individual.

The views and opinions of the event attendees were stored and immediately displayed, creating a continuously evolving audience narrative.

Each question was tailored to a FutureFest theme, which ranged from money to music, and the answers the festival-goers gave revealed some interesting views of the future. Overall, 458 people answered the questions and 2,748 opinions were captured over the two days.

Read our breakdown of the different sections below, or view the full infographic.

What the different sections show

The infographic starts with some top-line stats about the interactive to give a sense of the scale. The overarching results are given as well to show the patterns in the data. 

Each question is related to a FutureFest theme, indicated by colour. In this graph, we show the answers given over the two-day duration with the strength of the stroke representing the frequency of a given answer. 

The main body of the infographic shows the questions that were asked, with each answer represented by a single rectangle. The height of the hour block depends on the volume of interactions in that hour: many more answers were given in the late morning and early afternoon than any other time, so those time blocks are taller. The infographic ends with a recap of the final statistics, highlighting the most popular answer for each question, and giving the 'winning' predictions.

View the full infographic for more detail

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