08:45 - Registration and breakfast

09:45 - WATCH NOW: Welcome and introduction

             Halima Khan, Executive Director, Nesta Health Lab

10:00 - WATCH NOW: The end of patients?

             Sharon F. Terry, President and CEO, Genetic Alliance

Sharon will talk about her experience of working with people as ‘more than patients’, working together and partnering with professionals and industry to generate the energy and mechanisms necessary to realise the promise of biomedical research.

10:20 - WATCH NOW: How can innovative digital technology get to scale?

             Dr Mohammad Al-Ubaydli, Founder and CEO, Patients Know Best
             Jen Hyatt, Founder, Troo Life Coach, eartime and Big White Wall
             Chaired by: John Loder, Head of Strategy, Nesta Health Lab

This session will explore what it takes to bring digital health innovations to scale. How do you get started? What should be done to make it easier and what is the long term potential for digital health?

10:55 - Audience questions

11:10 - WATCH NOW: A showcase of promising innovators

            Joe Reddington, Founder, Open Voice Factory
            Katlyn Green, Researcher, Walk with Path

A showcase of two of the most promising innovators working in the field of People Powered Health today.

11:30 - Refreshments, networking and innovators showcase

12:00 - WATCH NOW: Social movements: Learning from the disability

            Dr Sally Witcher OBE, CEO, Inclusion Scotland
            Chaired by: Halima Khan, Executive Director, Nesta Health Lab

We will hear about Nesta's work on social movements followed by a discussion with Dr Sally Witcher, to reflect on the role of the disability movement as a social movement - its successes, how it has worked in practice, the barriers it has faced and its current priorities. We will hear from a Scottish perspective if social movements are achieving social change, and the distinctiveness from, and interface with, health movements.

12:30 - Audience questions

12:40 - WATCH NOW: A showcase of promising innovators

            Alex Smith, CEO, North London Cares/ South London Cares
            Heather Henry, Board Member, Unlimited Potential and 
            Alex McCraw, Patient by experience, Salford Dadz

A showcase of two of the most promising innovators working in the field of People Powered Health today

13:00 - Lunch, networking and innovators showcase

14:10 - Breakout sessions

            A) WATCH NOW: Mental health in Lambeth: changing the game

            Denis O’Rourke, Assistant Director, Integrated Commissioning in
            Mental Health, NHS Lambeth CCG
            Adrian McLachlan, GP and Chair, NHS Lambeth CCG
            Aisling Duffy, Chief Executive, Certitude
            Soumitra Burman Roy, Consultant Psychiatrist, South London
            and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust
            Chaired bySimon Morioka, Co-Founder, PPL

This session will reflect on the work in Lambeth on transforming mental health over the last 5+ years, incorporating the perspectives of people across the system and reflecting on priorities for the future.

           B) WATCH NOW: Algorithmic medicine: potential and risks

           Will Cavendish, Strategy Lead, DeepMind Applied​
           Paul Bate, Director of NHS Services, Babylon Health 
           Lydia Nicholas, Senior Researcher, Nesta
           Chaired by: John Loder, Head of Strategy, Nesta Health Lab

Over the next 20 years healthcare is likely to be radically changed by intelligent machines as resources pour into research in this area. There is huge potential for better care and significant cost savings - faster diagnostics, real time care, and personalised treatment planning. But significant change will be needed to realise this, and also navigate the risks- to privacy, the relationship between doctor and patient, and via biases hidden within the statistics. This session will gather together some leading actors in this space to discuss the potential and risks inherent in this area.

           C) WATCH NOW: People Powered Change: how do you make it stick?

           Dan Farag, Director, People Powered Results, Nesta Health Lab
           Catherine Russell, Senior Programme Manager, People Powered
           Results, Nesta Health Lab

This session brings together practitioners and leaders from around the country to reflect on how we can effectively create, and sustain, People Powered Change in health and care systems. We’ll explore questions such as: What does it really mean to meaningfully involve people in change? How do we effectively build up leaders throughout a system regardless of hierarchy or position? And how can we really step into and embed system leadership “in spite” of the current system barriers?

15:00 - Refreshments, networking and innovators showcase

15:30 - Welcome back

             Kieron Boyle, Chief Executive, Guy’s and St Thomas’ Charity

We will hear about Guys and St Thomas’ Charity’s new focus, in the context of people-powered health.

15:35 - WATCH NOW: Rising to the challenge: What next for People Powered

             Kieron Boyle, Chief Executive, Guy’s and St Thomas’ Charity
             Michael Macdonnell, Strategy Director, NHS England
             Sian Lockwood, Chief Executive, Community Catalysts CIC
             Chaired by: Geoff Mulgan, Chief Executive, Nesta

16:15 - Closing remarks

             Geoff Mulgan, Chief Executive, Nesta

16:30 - Drinks and canapes reception with interactive experiences
             from Breath Arts Health Research

17:30 - Event Close