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To create meaningful impact, the skills required to bring innovation to life must become part of an organisation's culture and everyday life.

We work closely with teams to help embed these skills and to build internal innovation capabilities, while also advising organisations more broadly on how to develop their own programmes to increase innovation capacity.

What we’re doing

  • During June 2015 we spent a week in Santiago with LabGob, the Chilean government’s recently launched innovation lab. We worked with them to help shape their vision, develop new ways of working and create common practices around innovation methods. We also supported the team in thinking about how they could build innovation capacity in both the civil service and the broader ecosystem.

  • In conjunction with LabWorks 2015, which brought together public innovation labs from across the globe, we ran a Coaching Retreat for 16 teams actively working on lab strategy and implementation. The two-day immersive experience provided hands-­on support and expert advice to help the labs accelerate their real­-world projects in a peer-learning setting.

  • We’re currently partnering with UNDP in Europe, Central Asia and Asia Pacific to build their innovation capacity by creating a core group of innovation champions. The goal is for this group to use their knowledge to identify and position opportunities for innovation within UNDP’s programmes, from the design stage through the entire programme life cycle.

If you would like to find out more, please get in touch.