Digital R&D Fund for the Arts: Definitions
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Audience engagement

'Audience reach and engagement' can be interpreted in three ways:

Audience broadening: capturing a larger share of the population segment known to be traditional participants but who currently do not participate.

Audience deepening: intensifying current participants' level of involvement measured, for example, by the number of attendances per individual per year, or by the degree of audience (active or passive) engagement.

Audience diversifying: attracting new audience groups who would not otherwise participate.

Business model

A business model is the mechanism by which a business intends to manage its costs and generate its outcomes - in the case of for-profits, the outcomes are primarily revenues earned, and in the case of non-profits, the outcome is primarily the public good created. (Falk and Sheppard 2006: 18)

[1] See Nesta's report Culture of Innovation for a detailed analysis of reach and engagement in the arts and cultural sector.

[2] See Thriving in the knowledge age: new business models for museums and other cultural institutions by Falk and Sheppard; Rowman Altamira, 2006