Data Scientist

Katja Bego



Join Date

October 2015

What I do

Katja is a data scientist in the technology futures and explorations teams at Nesta. Her work focuses on using novel data sources and techniques to identify and analyse emerging technological trendsShe is interested in issues around internet governance, innovation in media and the ethical and economic implications of disruptive new technologies. 

She currently leads research on EU Engineroom, part of the European Commission's Next Generation Internet initiative (

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Katja has a degree in economics and political science from Wellesley College, but is originally from the Netherlands. Before a short stint working as a data analyst in the private sector, Katja was a research assistant at MIT Media Lab, where she was part of the Changing Places team.

Katja is a co-founder of Economists Without Borders' UK chapter, a pro-bono economic consultancy helping charities and non-profit organisations. 

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If 2017 was the year we worried about the impact of the internet on our democracies, 2018 will be the year we start to care about its impact on the planet, says Katja Bego
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In 2017, Katja Bego predicts we’ll see the end of the World Wide Web as we know it.