New Balance #USE YOUR RUN

GoodGym NewBalance #Useyourrun advert

Three years ago Nesta published research which aimed to profile and explore crowdfunding platforms. We also began to fund and support a group of crowdfunding platforms to grow their services. This took place at a time when the market for crowdfunding was just beginning to develop in the UK. Now, as we are preparing to run the largest ever crowdfunding study with Cambridge University, it seems like a great time to go back and take a look at how these pioneering platforms have grown and developed over the time….when crowdfunding went mainstream.
Alice Casey
Wednesday, 13 August 2014
The electronic charity box's Volunteer Finance Director on the crucial role funding plays in getting a charity up and running.
Peter Nugent
Friday, 30 May 2014
For over three decades Marina Abramovic has been exciting and provoking us with her unique forms of performance art. Whether that be taking pills to induce comatose state; flagellating herself with a cat of nine tails whip or inviting an audience to mark her body with 72 objects of different kinds, we can safely call Abramovic a creative force, an innovator consistently challenging and breaking through boundaries.
Helen Goulden
Wednesday, 4 December 2013