Ben, a HandyClix user tester at National Star College, tries out the lap belt
A wheelchair lap belt that can be attached and released using one hand, to promote the independence of wheelchair users with a range of functional impairments. The belt can be attached for right-handed or left-handed users, and is designed to support people with hand tremors, visual impairments, and limited strength and manual dexterity.
Evolvable Walking Aid user Kate O'Sullivan with inventor Cara O'Sullivan
The Evolvable Walking Aid is a modular range of parts which can be assembled to form a walking stick, crutches, a walking frame, or variations of these aids. It saves user from having to buy a whole new walking aid when their mobility condition changes.
Photo of Kate McCallum holding tablet displaying Open Voice Factory
Free software that helps give a voice to people with communication difficulties. AzuleJoe displays a set of icons that represent words, which a user can look through to find the word they want to express and, once selected, their device will say this word for them.